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We Work as Your Extended Team

Are you ready to revolutionize your industry with cutting-edge innovations in Cloud, Edge Computing, IIoT, Software, or Storage? If you're seeking to supercharge your growth and dominate the market, reach out to our web marketing team today.


We have the expertise to propel your brand to the forefront of the digital landscape and drive your success by Unlocking your full potential for explosive growth by partnering with our web marketing team. We specialize in crafting dynamic digital strategies tailored to your unique vision, propelling your brand to the forefront of the digital era.

Services Matrix
Epic Launch

Launching company or products? Rebranding? 


Build repeatable demand and lead generation engines

Define Your Brand

Define your position and voice in the market 

Nurture and Convert

Apply best practices to automate your buyers journey


Leverage thought leaders to build credibility & amplify your voice in the market

Marketing Automation

Scale your business using

HubSpot and other Popular Tools

Content Strategy

Effective content for each stage of the customer's journey

Build Recurring Revenue

Building and enabling effective sales channels for better close rates

Epic Launch
rise above the noise

Epic Launch

How do you get from business idea to a real launch? As high-tech startup veterans, we've done it more than once and can help you to avoid expensive mistakes and save time. We can orchestrate and lead your corporate and product debuts to success.

If rebranding for growth or acquisition is the right strategy, we can help you get the momentum you need to be successful in your new endeavor.

  • Corporate/Product positioning, branding, messaging

  • Website & online strategy

  • Awareness generation

  • Analyst & press relations

  • Sales readiness

Patricia is a visionary marketing manager who knows how to make her product successful. She did the flawless launch of our most anticipated product and I would love to work with her again.

Define Your Brand

Define Your Brand!


Identifying your position in the market, developing a strong brand identity and clarity of message is crucial for young companies — What problems are you solving, who are you selling to, what are the advantages you bring your customers, and how do you say it in the language of your customer?  


This process is core to all of your marketing and sales processes. We'll help:

  • Position your brand in the market

  • Assess competitive differentiation

  • Value propositions & brand promise

  • Key company and product messages

  • Messaging matrix 

  • Brand standards





From pre-revenue stage on, Analysts and Press can help build credibility and mind-share with investors, prospects, customers and partners. Connecting with these bellwethers early in your journey can also provide the insights you need to be successful in the market.

For companies further along in their amplify journey we've worked with companies through the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave Report processes.


We're proud to tout articles in: 

  • The New York Times 

  • The Wall Street Journal 

  • Businessweek 

  • WIRED 

  • Engadget 

  • Gizmodo 

  • CRN

  • TechCrunch

  • eWeek

  • CIO

  • Datamation

  • VentureBeat

  • Wikibon


and many, many other business, technical and vertical market pubs.

Patricia and I worked for competing companies and I always admired her talent with public relations. 

accelerate revenue


We help you build a marketing process with scalable marketing programs that grow as you grow. The right programs at the right time to maximize your ROI on your marketing budget.

We can help you build your inbound strategy and execution tactics including SEO, Social, blogging and automated marketing programs. 

  • Website

  • Core Marketing Assets

  • Demand Generation

  • SEO, Social & Paid media

  • Lead generation programs

Nurture and Convert

Nurture & Convert

We share our experience, processes, best practices and tactics to attract and optimize the conversion of high-quality leads, growing revenue and value.

  • Marketing Automation 

  • Webinar series

  • Premium content campaigns

  • Email marketing

  • Account-based Marketing

Marketing Automation

HubSpot Marketing Automation 

A solid inbound marketing strategy to attract and convert inbound leads is essential for today's web-savvy buyer. HubSpot leads inbound marketing for emerging-tech companies.

We're experts in HubSpot Marketing Automation and integrated CRM.  We can help you align your marketing automation with your buyer's journey.

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub 

  • HubSpot CRM

  • HubSpot Sales Hub

  • Social

  • Blogging


Today's tech-savvy buyer can complete 80% of their buying process before you ever meet them.

Build Revenue
Grow your value

Build Recurring Revenue

To scale revenue takes processes, procedures and marketing. We can help implement best practices to find, qualify and hand-off leads to improve sales win rates. 


One of your best routes to market may be through channel partners. The channel won't work if you don't work the channel, and that includes partner enablement training and materials.

  • Buyer personas & market profiles

  • Sales presentations & selling tools

  • Inside sales lead qualification and handoff

  • Partner enablement

  • Partner programs

Content Strategy

With compelling content, customers find you and grow trust in your brand

Build Your brand

Content Marketing Strategy

Developing Category Leadership starts with sharing your thought leadership and fundamental knowledge through effective content.

Whether you're just starting out, or doing an annual refresh, having a content strategy that serves all stages of the marketing and sales funnel, without a gap, is key.

We will help you build an achievable content plan to build your category leadership and then help you execute that plan within your budget.

  • Consumable content at the right time and place 

  • Content planning & mapping

  • Attract, educate and convert

Video & Podcasts



Brand identity kits

Capability brochures, product sheets & case studies

Sales Presentations

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