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  • Richard Cole

The Voice of Your Company Matters

Your company is unlike any other company in the world. What you do and how you do it is a reflection of a unique identity that sets you apart and enriches your success in the marketplace.

In the same way, you always sell to a single person. This is clear enough in consumer marketing, but even in B2B, we know that it’s never the business that buys anything. Rather, it’s always that one individual in the business who makes the final buying decision and signs off on the purchase. A voice that can charm, persuade and clarify. A voice that embodies the living identity of your business.

This isn’t to say that business writing is all about tone. For companies selling technology in particular, the marketing content they present to their customers needs to reflect a rock-solid understanding of specific technical issues, features and processes. These sellers need to be able to explain large amounts of complex information to their customers in a clear and compelling way. They have to talk the technology talk. At the same time, sellers also have to convince senior executives who might not have a technology background. These executives think in terms of business benefits and models. For them, effective business writing helps them understand how a particular technology supports their long-term business strategies.

In any case, business writing shouldn’t be a DIY project. Successful companies work with professionals who have the talent, experience and expertise to deliver content crafted for specific marketing goals. Writing can be high-level or deep in the weeds. Bold and exciting, or calm and reassuring. But any well-written content will help strengthen and clarify the voice you need in order to reach your market and keep your customers buying. Click to learn more

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