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  • Patricia Friar

What Can I Help With? Pretty Much Anything Marketing [B2B High Tech]

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I’m a marketing startup veteran and actively helped bring 10+ tech companies to market, rebranded multiple turnarounds and assisted in one IPO. I led marketing at multiple B2B software startups growing them from seed stage to acquisition. I’ve been a consultant in the industry for a solid eight years. LinkedIn

Most recently, I led marketing at Viviota where we deliver software solutions for R&D Test engineers.

My deep dark secret is that before marketing I was a software developer and implementation project leader. I am your customer, and my customers are also your customers.

What can I help with? Anything marketing. Go-to-Market plans, how to work with a startup budget effectively and have marketing programs that produce real leads which actually close.

If you’re new to marketing, I can help with the fundamentals of messaging and help you build a strong foundation for a successful brand. Brand will continue to be everything, and our 2020 COVID market poses interesting challenges.

Most of all, I can save you time, money and help you mitigate risk. Contact me here!

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